Starting a new medical practice is an exciting and intense process. There are many moving parts and factors to consider. Some are more obvious than others, like the physical location of your clinic, credentialing, and the EMR system your practice will use. Others are not quite as obvious, but are equally important. One of these is marketing your practice. There are five critical aspects of marketing your new practice in an effective manner.  

First, leveraging search engines is perhaps the most important component of a marketing strategy. This is done through search engine optimizationbacklink creation, and a variety of other more technical strategies. Leveraging search engines will give you the highest level of visibility within your local market. 

Second, creating and maintaining a variety of social media and professional network accounts should be a top priority. Having a presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn puts a practice miles beyond their competition. By this measure potential patients will be more likely to convert to long-term patients at your clinic 

Third, having a welldesignedimpressive website will go a long way to converting potential patients. Someone who is browsing the internet for a doctor is looking for information, fast. Your website should be designed to be extremely easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and have plenty of calls to action. A website is the hypothetical front window of your practice. You will want the best facets of your practice to shine through. 

Fourth, creating and posting content on your social media profiles is crucial. Posting content on a regular basis will allow people to become more acquainted with your practice. Engaging with your local community through these channels will allow potential patients to get a wider perspective on your practice. If patients can see the mission statement of your clinic reflected by your engagement on social media, they are more likely to remember your practice. 

The fifth element of effectively marketing your new practice is engaging with and managing reviews. From the very beginning, asking patients to leave reviews of your practice is will be extremely important. Increasingly, reviews are being leveraged by people searching for doctors to filter out potential negative experiences. Engaging with positive and negative reviews is extremely important, as it shows initiative and a desire to make things right (if the review carried a negative sentiment.) Potential patients will look at the reviews left by others before they make the decision to get in touch with your front office, so managing these will be crucial to the success of your practice.  

These five elements are crucial to marketing any medical practice effectively. A practice growth agency which can do all five of these for your practice will be an invaluable ally as you finalize the process of opening your new clinic. This will give you the time and peace of mind necessary to do what, as a provider, you do best: taking care of your patients. 


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