Have you recently analyzed your healthcare practice’s digital marketing strategy? If not – then consider the following ideas to improve the patient experience and increase your new patient count. The online presence of your medical practice is an extremely important asset which must be refined and maximized.  

1. Your current strategies should be constantly examined 

In healthcare digital marketing, as in any business process, data should be leveraged to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. Relying on a strategy you’ve employed for a few years or even months may no longer yield the results you need. This is especially true due to the fast-changing nature of the healthcare digital marketing industry.  

Examining this data should fall on the firm you employ to do your digital marketing. However, if you do your own there can be more challenges. It is important to allow experts to handle your healthcare digital marketing. Communication with these experts is crucial moving forward. 

2. Leverage social media advertising to boost your digital marketing 

Paid social media advertising is an important part of leveraging sites like Facebook. Using content, you can boost your digital marketing presence and engage with many more potential patients. Posting content and hoping it will be seen in an organic manner is simply not enough, as the reach of your post will be very limited. Paid ads allow your content to effectively disseminate your content to the potential patients you want to convert. Social media, in combination with a paid ad strategy, is an incredibly powerful tool to boost your digital marketing. 

3. Examine your website design 

Having a beautiful and responsive website is a fantastic way to boost your digital marketing presence. A website allows your practice to increase your ranking on search engines, post and display content, easily share information about your practice, and even leverage forms to make the intake process easier.  

Examining the look and feel of your website is important. Does your current pagemake it easy for people to become new patients? Does the site work well? Does it have a harmonious design? All of these factors should be considered, as your website will affect the overall results of your digital marketing.  

4. Boost your existing content 

Creating content for your website, like blogs and interviews, is an important part of healthcare digital marketing. Keywords in content allow your practice to rank higher on search engine results. Sharing this content on your social media accounts and other platforms creates links to your practice website.  

There are many other strategies you can use to make sure your content does not lose steam. For example, including links to content in email campaigns can boost it’s visibility amongst current patients, which they can then forward along. Creating newsletters is another strategy to boost the reach of your existing content and the reach of your healthcare digital marketing. 

5. Grow and leverage your referral network 

Asking your existing patients for referrals is must-do for healthcare practices. Referrals are important because they allow current patients to spread news about your practice amongst their social networks. Since referrals are built on trust, potential patients hearing about your practice from friends and family are more likely to convert. However referrals don’t just include asking individuals to refer their family and friends. You should leverage online review sites in order to boost your digital marketing presence! 

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