Attracting millennial patients requires adapting your digital presence to fit cohesively with the behavioral patterns of this age group. The following are four components of a strategy, which if used cohesively, should maximize your engagement with the millennial age group.  


  1. Leverage social media channels: 


Social media is one the most effective tools for reaching a millennial audience with information and marketing materials from your practice. According to the Pew research center, 68% of adults in the U.S. report having a Facebook account, with about 66% of those visiting the platform on a daily basis.  


The best way to engage with a millennial audience is to provide information from which the viewer can utilize or learn. Providing reminders for certain kinds of appointments, such as a six-month appointment reminder if you run a dental clinic is a great example. Another would be providing information for new parents about their baby’s diet. This strategy will build trust with current and potential patients and make you a trusted source for information. 


  1. Optimize your online presence: 

A professional and modern website plays an enormous part in patient acquisition, regardless of their age. However, for the millennial age group, a website that is responsive to being opened on mobile devices in critical. A clunky or poorly designed website will not help your practice to attract potential patients, and inefficiencies will not encourage retention. 

Another component of your clinic’s online presence is creating profiles on Google My Business, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc. Ensuring all information is correct on these profiles is very important as well, as any discrepancies can lead to confusion for potential patients who are researching your practice. Easy access to information will also give patients who do contact your practice to return, and become patients in the long term. 

  1. Offer online scheduling 

Offering a simple online scheduling option will make your practice stand out, as this is becoming an industry standard. Potential millennial patients would rather schedule an appointment through an online portal. This will also save massive quantities of time for your front desk staff, who more often than not will be busy with other tasks and lose valuable time booking patients over the phone. These efficiencies will boost the retention of your practice, and encourage potential new patients to book appointments. 

  1. Communicate your practice values 

Millenials, as a generation, are arguably more socially engaged than any other previous generation in history due to their ability to easily access information. In everything from what products they buy, to the music they listen to, millennials want to consume products and services which align with their values. Taking a public stance on social and political issues is a powerful way to build brand loyalty with the millennial generation.  

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